What Is the Average Payout For an Hernia Mesh Lawsuit? 

Mesh is intended for hernia repair, yet it can lead to serious complications, potentially worsening your condition. Learn more about hernia mesh lawsuits and your options moving forward.

If implanted hernia mesh resulted in a serious injury, you may be eligible for compensation. Our personal injury law firm can help, so schedule your free consultation today!

How Much is the Average Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

It depends. While thousands of hernia mesh lawsuits have settled, thousands more are still pending. Some cases settle for $50,000, while others settle for $1 million. Because settlement amounts vary significantly due to the extent of injuries, it is difficult to determine how much your case is worth without a consultation. Contact your hernia mesh lawyer today to learn more.

Will I Receive A Settlement Individually or Shared With A Group of Victims?

While the settlement itself is individual, the settlement process may be collective – depending on the case. If you file an individual lawsuit, it is dropped once the defendant pays the settlement. In multidistrict litigation, however, multiple victims file similar lawsuits. This saves time and often results in the defendant paying out one lump sum. The amount that each plaintiff receives depends on their case, and often, the severity of their injury.

Understanding Compensatory Damages in Hernia Mesh Case

Compensatory damages refer to the funds needed to make the injured plaintiff “whole.” During the settlement process, both sides will negotiate in order to reach an agreement on this amount. Compensatory damages cover the following:

How To Qualify For A Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

You may be eligible for compensation in a hernia mesh lawsuit if you meet the following criteria:

How Do I Learn Who Manufactured My Hernia Mesh?

Your hernia mesh lawyer can help determine who manufactured your hernia mesh, using your medical records as proof. Top hernia mesh manufacturers include:

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If hernia mesh has caused serious complications after your surgery, our hernia mesh lawyers can help. We have experience handling cases like yours and providing trusted legal representation to patients when they need it most. Contact our personal injury law firm today to schedule your free initial consultation!

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