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Augusta Personal Injury Attorney

Meet The Augusta Personal Injury Attorneys At The Mike Hostilo Law Firm located at 808 Greene St Ste 101, Augusta GA, 30901


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Georgia, A Place Personal Injury Attorney Mike Hostilo Has Called Home Since Childhood.

Our Augusta lawyers are proud to serve the community we call home, offering trusted legal representation to accident victims. The Mike Hostilo Law Firm has been serving Georgia communities for nearly three decades – and our team is eager to put its experience to work for you.

Our personal injury law firm has helped over 30,000 people in their time of need. This number continues to grow as more and more clients trust us with their accident lawsuits. We’ve built a reputation based on results, known for getting our local clients the compensation they deserve.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact us today! Enjoy the VIP Experience, a stress-free, smooth process courtesy of our Georgia attorneys.


Trust our Augusta personal injury attorneys to secure compensation for your medical bills, loss of income, and other damages. Our team takes a customized approach to each personal injury claim, ensuring you get the legal representation you deserve – especially during this difficult time.

Because we believe that communication is key, our Georgia attorneys provide a level of transparency and support that is unparalleled. We’ll keep you informed throughout your accident lawsuit, and our team is always available to offer legal advice or answer any questions.

That’s just one more perk of working with The Mike Hostilo Law Firm! Despite our big firm resources, we’ve maintained a small-town feel. So if you have been injured, schedule your free consultation today!

Our Georgia Attorneys Accept Various Personal Injury Cases

Our Georgia law firm handles a wide variety of personal injury cases, including the following:

Car Crash Accidents
If you have been involved in a car wreck, our personal injury law firm will fight for you – right here at home in Augusta, GA. Trust our Georgia attorneys to recover the compensation you deserve, including medical expenses, lost wages, costly vehicle repairs and more.

Truck Accidents
Trucking accident cases are often very complex, but our Georgia attorneys have the experience needed to get you the compensation you deserve. We’ll work tirelessly to hold the responsible party accountable, and to see justice done.

Motorcycle Crash Accidents
If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle crash accident, contact The Mike Hostilo Law Firm immediately. Our Georgia attorneys will take on the insurance company, advocating on your behalf.

Premise Liability Accident
If you are injured on someone else’s property due to their negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. Trust our Augusta lawyers to provide the quality legal representation needed to maximize your compensation.

Slip & Fall Accidents
Slip and fall injuries are painful, but getting the compensation you deserve doesn’t have to be! Our Georgia attorneys will fight for you, taking a personalized approach to your accident lawsuit.

Workers’ Compensation
Hurt at work? Has your employer denied your claim? Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help! Trust our team to fight for the benefits you’re entitled to, so you can focus on recovering from your on-the-job injury.

Augusta, Georgia Car Accident Statistics

Car crashes are far too common in our community. In fact, Augusta averages about 9,000 total car accidents a year, according to a 2019 Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) report.

Check out some more concerning car accident statistics for Augusta, Georgia:

2019 Car Accident Stats in Augusta, GA

  • 9,657 Total Car Crashes
  • 2,729 Injured After Car Accident
  • 24 Fatal Car Crashes

2018 Car Accident Stats in Augusta, GA

  • 9,990 Total Car Accidents
  • 7,082 Injured In Car Accident
  • 49 Fatal Car Accidents

2017 Car Accidents Stats in Augusta,GA

  • 9,962 Total Auto Accidents
  • 10,858 Injured In Auto Accident
  • 30 Fatal Auto Accidents

Here at The Mike Hostilo Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys are committed to keeping you safe on the roadways. While not every car accident can be prevented, we’re doing our best to keep you informed about which local roads pose the highest risk.

According to an article by local news station WRDW TV News 12, Washington Road at Interstate 20 is the most dangerous road in Augusta, GA. The research is based on car accident data from 2014-2016.

Beware of the top 10 most dangerous roads in Augusta, Georgia:

1. Washington Road at Interstate 20: 203 car accidents
2. Bobby Jones Expressway at Gordon Highway: 188 auto wrecks
3. Interstate 20 at Washington Road:188 car accidents
4. Deans Bridge Road at Bobby Jones Expressway: 187 car crashes
5. Wrightsboro Road at Bobby Jones Expressway: 187 auto accidents
6. Bobby Jones Expressway at Wrightsboro Road: 176 car accidents
7. Washington Road at Boy Scout Road: 166 auto wrecks
8. Tobacco Road at Windsor Spring Road: 165 car crashes
9. Peach Orchard Road at Bobby Jones Expressway: 163 car accidents
10. Windsor Spring Road at Tobacco Road: 162 auto accidents

What Is A Personal Injury Claim?

Simply put, personal injury cases occur after an accident – one in which another person is responsible for causing harm. If someone else is liable for your injury, our team will fight to hold them accountable. Our accident lawyers will gather evidence to prove that the person is legally responsible, then pursue damages from their insurance company. These damages are designed to compensate for your losses and may include compensation for medical costs, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Because accident claims can become very complex – especially if the responsible party denies liability – it is crucial to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. In some cases, the insurance company will offer a settlement. In others, we will file a formal accident lawsuit and take your personal injury case to trial. No matter which path your case takes, rest assured that our Georgia attorneys will provide trusted legal guidance every step of the way.

If you’ve been injured, trust our personal injury law firm to advocate for you. We will work diligently on your behalf to ensure you receive the medical treatment you need and the compensation you are entitled to.

Here are the steps within a personal injury claim process:


If you have been injured in an accident, it is crucial to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Our team will offer trusted legal guidance from the very start, and will work to preserve the evidence necessary to build your case.


Your Georgia attorney will file a personal injury claim with both your insurance company and the at-fault person’s insurance company. We’ll handle all the paperwork so you can focus on your recovery!


If the defendant does not hire their own lawyer as the court date approaches, their insurance company may appoint one to offer legal representation.


Both sides will share evidence during the discovery phase. Mediation is an opportunity to reach a mutually agreeable settlement without going to court, but often the insurance company’s settlement offers are far too low. If this is the case, you can reject the offer and proceed to trial.


The length of the trial depends on the specific type of case, but most personal injury cases last a few days. The judge or jury will then determine if the defendant is indeed to blame for causing the accident.


If the defendant is deemed responsible, the next step is deciding how much they will pay. While most personal injury cases settle outside of court, our Georgia attorneys are equipped to take your case to trial. Keep in mind that a settlement may be reached at any point in this process.

Why You Need A Augusta Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re looking for quality legal representation close to home, call The Mike Hostilo Law Firm today! Our Augusta personal injury attorneys are proud to serve our friends and neighbors – and to advocate for accident victims throughout our community.

Plus, you don’t pay unless we win! That’s right, you don’t pay anything until we win your personal injury case. Our Georgia attorneys know that your accident likely dealt a major blow to your budget, and we don’t want you to worry about legal fees too. That’s why our personal injury law firm will handle your entire claim, and put your focus back on getting better!

Financial Compensation For Your Personal Injury Claim

Our personal injury law firm of experienced Georgia attorneys have practiced GA law for nearly three decades, so you can trust that your case is in the very best hands. Rest assured that we know Georgia’s laws inside and out – and our Augusta lawyers will fight for the damages and compensation you deserve.

While Georgia’s statute of limitations is two years from your injury date, we recommend contacting The Mike Hostilo Law Firm immediately after your personal injury accident.

If you suffer an accident injury, you may be eligible for the following compensation:

  • Medical expenses
    In addition to doctor’s visits and hospitalizations, these costs include medication, surgery, follow-up care, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Lost wages
    If your injuries prevent you from returning to work, you may be eligible for Workers’ Comp or disability benefits.
  • Property damage
    This type of compensation is most common in auto accident cases, designed to cover vehicle repair or replacement.
  • Non-economic damages
    These damages can be difficult to quantify, including pain and suffering, anxiety, loss of enjoyment of life, etc.
  • Punitive damages
    These damages are paid as punishment if your accident was caused by someone’s malicious intent.

Wrongful Death in Georgia

Our state’s Wrongful Death Act applies solely to wrongful death cases, defining who can file a claim. Under this GA law, only surviving spouses, parents and children can file – but because circumstances vary, it is best to consult your Augusta personal injury lawyer.

These GA laws also determine the way that damages are divided among recipients according to the deceased’s will. In the absence of a will, damages are divided according to state statutes. To learn more about wrongful death laws in Georgia, contact our personal injury law firm of skilled Augusta lawyers today.

About Augusta, Georgia

Locals know that there’s no place like Augusta. Our community’s breathtaking beauty is unrivaled, earning it the nickname “The Garden City of the South.” But there’s so much more to Augusta than meets the eye!

The second largest city in Georgia, Augusta has a rich history that starts with its foundation in 1736. Since then, it has birthed a variety of influential artists, athletes and leaders. Now home to the Masters Tournament as well as a thriving tech industry, Augusta has made quite a name for itself – and we couldn’t be prouder to call it home!

About Georgia

Georgia offers a unique brand of southern hospitality as sweet as the peaches it’s nicknamed after. Our state’s landscape is noteworthy as well, stretching from the mountains to the coast. This allows for diverse wildlife and vegetation – and so many beautiful places to explore!

History buffs will enjoy learning more about our state’s fascinating past. Georgia was named the 13th colony in 1733, later becoming the 4th U.S. state. It then left the Union in 1861, not rejoining until the Civil War’s conclusion in 1865. Today, our state is home to over 10 million residents.

Here are a few activities enjoyed by tourists and locals alike:

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There is no simple formula to determine the value of your personal injury case. Because no two cases are the same, our Augusta personal injury attorneys take a customized approach to each one. At The Mike Hostilo Law Firm, our team works tirelessly to build the strongest case possible, gathering evidence to hold the at-fault party accountable. Our Georgia lawyers are committed to recovering the compensation you deserve – including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, rehabilitation and more.

We are ready to help.

Our Augusta personal injury attorneys are paid on a contingency basis, so we don’t get paid unless we win your case. That’s right, you don’t pay until we win your case!
Our Augusta personal injury attorneys begin by gathering evidence to prove liability and strengthen your case. We will then file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company, seeking the compensation you deserve. If the insurance company refuses to make a fair settlement offer, our Georgia lawyers will negotiate. If a fair settlement is still not offered, our team may recommend filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. We will then prepare to take your case to court.
A personal injury claim is filed with the insurance company, serving as a demand for compensation. A personal injury lawsuit, on the other hand, is an official legal action filed against the at-fault party. Keep in mind that most personal injury lawsuits settle outside of the courtroom.
No, it is not. Personal injury settlements are one of the few types of lawsuits that are tax exempt. Keep in mind that most other lawsuit settlements are taxable, requiring the party who wins the lawsuit to pay a portion of their settlement check to the IRS.

The Hostilo Way

At the Mike Hostilo Law Firm, our legal team is determined to deliver results to those in their time of need. We have recovered over $400,000,000 million for more than 35,000 victims in their time of need. Our team is available 24/7, nights and weekends and we will come to you, no problem.

So “Do Yaself a Favor” and get the Mike Hostilo Law Firm on your side. You can count on us to make a difference.
At The Mike Hostilo Law Firm, we are passionate about helping others, not only in their time of need but in life in general. We are proud to serve the communities and support the neighborhoods in which we serve and reside. Some of our local Savannah involvements include:
At The Mike Hostilo Law Firm, we are passionate about helping others, not only in their time of need but in their everyday life. We are proud to serve the communities and support the neighborhoods in which we serve and reside.

Community is Everything

t The Mike Hostilo Law Firm, we are passionate about helping others, not only in their time of need but in their everyday life. We are proud to serve the communities and support the neighborhoods in which we serve and reside.

Community Partner of the Augusta Boxing Club; dedicated to helping the community “Knock Out the Need” with our annual Back to School Bookbag Drive. This event is a blow out each year filled with bookbags, school supplies, food and beverage, and much more.

We are excited to announce our Sponsorship of the Augusta GreenJackets based at their premium event space and field called SRP Park in Augusta, GA. This space is used for so many community based events that bring out the entire family and we are proud to be a part of it.

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Augusta we are here for you and your community. From the Riverfront to Augusta National Golf Club and everywhere in between, Augusta is our home. If you are in Augusta, GA, and in need of an attorney, call us. We will help you navigate your options and get you back on track.

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