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Were you injured and think you're owed money?

At The Mike Hostilo Law Firm, our Augusta personal injury Lawyer are proud to serve clients here at home in Georgia. Our experienced local personal
injury lawyers is always here to help, so if you’ve been injured, get in touch today.  
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The Rapid Intake Framework

Get access to medical treatment within 48 hours, eliminate the need to chase down your lawyer for answers, and receive the actual compensation you deserve. 

So how does it work?

1. We Come to You

We understand that lack of transportation or physical limitations may prevent you from coming into the office - so we send a case worker right to your doorstep within TWO HOURS of your call. They'll listen attentively to your case, answering any questions you may have, and sign you up right there in the comfort of your own home.

2. Get Medical Attention NOW

NEXT - once you're on board, there’s no time to waste. Within 48 hours, we'll ensure you're signed up for the necessary medical attention you need - at no expense to you. Your well-being is our number 1 priority - that’s why we exist - to make sure you receive the care you need NOW without delay.

3. Record Collection

Then, we will diligently collect all the essential information related to your accident – from police reports augusta ga  to medical records - any relevant case information. We gather photos and videos of the property and injuries, ensuring every little detail is considered. We’ll even get you a rental car if your vehicle was totaled in the accident so that you can get your life back to normal as fast as possible.

4. Paperwork Done For You

Dealing with insurance companies pay out claims, hospital bills, and medical paperwork is overwhelming. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. That’s why we do it for you. WE handle the burdensome task of managing any and all medical bills or liens. You can finally breathe easy, knowing that these tedious tasks are off your plate.

5. Defending You

Finally - It's time to let the insurance company know that we're representing you. We compile all your information and submit it to the insurance company. One of our insurance experts works NONSTOP to make sure your circumstances, injuries, and lost wages are taken into account so you get the maximum financial compensation.

Are You Wondering If You Have A Personal Injury Claim?

Because accident claims can become very complex – especially if the responsible party denies liability – it is crucial to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. In some cases, the insurance company will offer a settlement. 

In others, we will file a formal accident lawsuit and take your personal injury case to trial. No matter which path your case takes, rest assured that our Augusta personal injury lawyers will provide trusted legal guidance every step of the way.

If you’ve been injured, trust our personal injury law firm to advocate for you. We will work diligently on your behalf to ensure you receive the medical treatment you need and the compensation you are entitled to.
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Why Augusta chooses the Mike Hostilo law firm for their personal injury and car accident cases

Our Augusta personal injury attorneys are proud to serve clients here at home. We’ve been doing just that for decades, offering trusted legal representation to Georgia communities. In fact, we’ve helped over 30,000 people get the compensation they deserve – and we’re just getting started!

When you partner with our personal injury law firm, you receive the VIP Experience. That means we’ll deliver top-notch legal representation from start to finish, with our Augusta personal injury lawyers handling every aspect of your accident lawsuit. To get started, contact The Mike Hostilo Law Firm today!
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A man and woman discussing an auto accident.The Mike Hostilo Law Firm - A man is sitting on a couch with a clipboard in front of him while consulting with a personal injury attorney.

You Only Pay Us If We Win Your Personal Injury Claim

Trust and Call our best lawyer for personal injury to provide the legal representation needed to recover the compensation you deserve.

If you suffer an accident injury, you may be eligible for the following compensation:

Medical expenses: In addition to doctor’s visits and hospitalizations, these costs include medication, surgery, follow-up care, rehabilitation, etc.

Property damage: This type of compensation is most common in auto accident cases, designed to cover vehicle repair or replacement.

Non-economic damages: These damages can be difficult to quantify, including pain and suffering, anxiety, loss of enjoyment of life, etc.

Punitive damages: These damages are paid as punishment if your accident was caused by someone’s malicious intent.
A man with crutches standing in the back seat of a car following an auto accident.

Injured in an Augusta Car Accident?
Call us for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Augusta personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency basis, so we don’t get paid unless we win your case. That’s right, you don’t pay until we win your case!
Our Augusta personal injury attorneys begin by gathering evidence to prove liability and strengthen your case. We will then file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company, seeking the compensation you deserve. If the insurance company refuses to make a fair settlement offer, our Georgia lawyers will negotiate. If a fair settlement is still not offered, our team may recommend filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. We will then prepare to take your case to court.
A personal injury claim is filed with the insurance company, serving as a demand for compensation. A personal injury lawsuit, on the other hand, is an official legal action filed against the at-fault party. Keep in mind that most personal injury lawsuits settle outside of the courtroom.
No, it is not. Personal injury settlements are one of the few types of lawsuits that are tax exempt. Keep in mind that most other lawsuit settlements are taxable, requiring the party who wins the lawsuit to pay a portion of their settlement check to the IRS.
The Mike Hostilo Law Firm in Augusta Georgia is located at - 808 Greene St Ste 101, Augusta GA, 30901

The Hostilo Way - The Rapid Intake Framework

At the Mike Hostilo Law Firm, our legal team is determined to deliver results to those in their time of need.  Our team is available 24/7, nights and weekends and we will come to you, no problem.

So “Do Yaself a Favor” and get the Mike Hostilo Law Firm on your side. You can count on us to make a difference.
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Wondering if You Were Owed Money From Your Accident?

Are you unsure if you have a case or not? Even if the insurance companies tell you you don’t have a case, if we think that you do, we will fight to make sure you have medical attention and the compensation you deserve.

Our record of results is proof that we’ve fought and won cases that the insurance companies tried to dismiss. Fill out this two-minute form for a free case evaluation. 

About Augusta, Georgia

Locals know that there’s no place like Augusta. Our community’s breathtaking beauty is unrivaled, earning it the nickname “The Garden City of the South.” But there’s so much more to Augusta than meets the eye!

The second largest city in Georgia, Augusta has a rich history that starts with its foundation in 1736. Since then, it has birthed a variety of influential artists, athletes and leaders. Now home to the Masters Tournament as well as a thriving tech industry, Augusta has made quite a name for itself – and we couldn’t be prouder to call it home!

About Georgia

Georgia offers a unique brand of southern hospitality as sweet as the peaches it’s nicknamed after. Our state’s landscape is noteworthy as well, stretching from the mountains to the coast. This allows for diverse wildlife and vegetation – and so many beautiful places to explore!

History buffs will enjoy learning more about our state’s fascinating past. Georgia was named the 13th colony in 1733, later becoming the 4th U.S. state. It then left the Union in 1861, not rejoining until the Civil War’s conclusion in 1865. Today, our state is home to over 10 million residents.

Here are a few activities enjoyed by tourists and locals alike:

Community Is Everything

Augusta we are here for you and your community. From the Riverfront to Augusta National Golf Club and everywhere in between, Augusta is our home. If you are in Augusta, GA, and need to best injury lawyer near me We will help you navigate your options and get you back on track.

At The Mike Hostilo Law Firm, we are passionate about helping others, not only in their time of need but in their everyday life. We are proud to serve the communities and support the neighborhoods in which we serve and reside. See what is going on across the water:

Community Partner of the Augusta Boxing Club, dedicated to helping the community "Knock Out the Need" with our annual Back to School Bookbag Drive. This event is a blow out each year filled with bookbags, school supplies, food and beverage, and much more.

We are excited to announce our Sponsorship of the Augusta Greenjackets based at their premium event space and field called SRP Park In Augusta, GA. This space is used for so many community-based events that bring out the entire family and we are proud to be a part of it. 
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