About Our Personal Injury Law Firm

Mike Built our Firm on Values of Hard Work, Compassion, and Fighting Passionately About Justice in our Community Throughout the Southeast.

He’d be everywhere at all times if he could, but he’s settled for the next best thing: building a team of skilled, reliable attorneys and who will walk you through every step of the process with knowledge and care.

When you work with the Mike Hostilo Law Firm, you work with attorneys hand-picked to deliver a well-rounded legal experience. 
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Founder and attorney Mike Hostilo carefully selected each member of his personal injury team, building the law firm on values like determination and compassion. Together, our team fights passionately about justice in communities throughout the Southeast.

It’s no secret that Mike would be everywhere at all times if he could – but he’s settled for the next best thing. He has assembled a trusted team of skilled personal injury attorneys and a reliable legal staff to serve local clients. Mike is confident that they will walk you through every step of your accident claim with care, offering legal advice along the way.

Since 1993, The Mike Hostilo Law Firm has diligently managed a wide variety of personal injury claims. We support accident injury victims impacted by auto wrecks, trucking accidents, motorcycle crashes, rideshare accidents, workplace accidents, and more.

By winning valuable compensation and lofty settlements for clients throughout the Southeast, our team has built a reputation on results.

We operate 8 successful personal injury law firm offices, including 6 Georgia area locations, 1 South Carolina area location, and 1 Alabama area location – all to better serve you! Accident injury victims can rest assured that trusted legal representation is never far from home.

Our Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys Value Your Satisfaction

When you choose The Mike Hostilo Law Firm, you can feel confident that your accident claim is in the capable hands. Our personal injury attorneys have been hand-picked for their experience and the trusted legal representation they provide.

Thousands of satisfied clients have sought us to protect their rights and get them justice for their legal claim. Our core values inspire us to exceed the expectations of these valued clients – because we genuinely care for each one who walks through our doors.

Also, we understand the importance of keeping you in the loop on your personal injury claim’s progress. We know accident injury victims appreciate great communication – and that’s exactly what we deliver!

Indeed, our personal injury law firm prides itself on thorough communication from beginning to end for each legal claim. Whether your claim is for a minor accident or a catastrophic one, we care all the same.

That’s why our injury lawyers work painstakingly hard to collect all the details needed to maximize the settlement for your accident claim. Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority, after all.

Finally, making your life easier makes us happy. We want the accident claim process to be convenient and simple for you. The less stress, the better! We know you have been through enough already, so we’ll use our legal guidance to make the days ahead brighter. Just let us do all the hard work, so you don't have to worry about it.

Remember, The Mike Hostilo Law Firm is prepared to fight furiously for every personal injury claim that comes our way. Contact us today to get started!

Get the Compensation you Deserve With a team you Trust.

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"Who is Founder & Personal Injury Attorney Mike Hostilo?"

“What does it take to be successful?

1. Be nice.

2. Do what you say you are going to do.” - Mike Hostilo

Mike Hostilo has practiced law for nearly three decades. Known as an intense negotiator, he has recovered millions in settlements for accident victims as a personal injury lawyer.

Mike has also established a reputation as a strong advocate for accident victims and a supportive leader to his team. His values are deeply rooted – and that’s just how he was raised.

Mike’s father was born in Emanuel County and raised in Savannah, Georgia. A career Marine, he consistently modeled discipline and hard work for his son. Mike’s mother, a native of Japan, moved to America in the racially turbulent 1960s. As an interracial couple, the Hostilos faced many social challenges about their relationship.

These tribulations at a young age had a profound impact, shaping Mike and inspiring his one mission: helping those in genuine need.

Through his upbringing across the United States, Mike learned the value of hard work, discipline, perseverance and persistence – along with the ability to approach all cultures and races with an open mind.

His strong upbringing built on inclusion and comradery is what laid the foundation of his personal injury law firm. From the accident attorneys to the charismatic receptionists, all share the same mission. All share the same commitment to helping others in need. That is precisely why each member of our team shows so much compassion for accident injury victims.

Southeast locals have always been kind to Mike and his family, and he strives to pay that generosity forward – one accident claim at a time.
  • Very professional and friendly. Picking up my check was by far the best part of my experience. They had all my medical bills covered so I did not have to worry about anything. They even helped us before we reached out settlement pay out. I highly recommend them!!! We appreciate you.
    Gordan G.
    personal Injury Case
  • I appreciate the professionalism and promptness of the Hostilo staff with my issue. They made me really feel like family. Thank you to Mike Hostilo, Ricky Willis, and the rest of the staff!
    Ken C.
    personal Injury Case
  • This was our first time using this firm. They handled everything quickly and professionally and we had zero issues. They even helped us before we reached our settlement pay out. I highly recommend them!! We appreciate you.
    Heather G.
    personal Injury Case
  • Attorneys at Mike Hostilo Law Firm helped me out big time. I felt at ease during the whole process. Highly recommended, and today I got to meet Clever!
    Roland S.
    personal Injury Case
Understand that every accident claim is unique. Any results we achieve on behalf of one of our satisfied clients may reflect differently for another valued client. Every case has its own story and its own results. Nevertheless, Mike Hostilo’s personal injury law firm works hard for each legal claim and gives 100% to each client all the same.

Our Personal Injury Law Firm Fights For Our Community

Every day, our personal injury law firm strives to achieve the best outcomes for victims of personal injury. Make no mistake, our accident lawyers aren’t just passionate about winning cases. We are passionate about getting justice for the deserving members of our community.

Our team is full of locals who were raised or educated in the city where they practice law. Because of this, we are passionate about striving to build better communities through volunteering and advocating for justice throughout the Southeast

We are proud to partner with local Boys and Girls Clubs and to host our annual Knockout The Need bookbag drive with the Augusta Boxing Club. These acts of serve prove our deep commitment to our community!
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Mike Hostilo 

Attorney Mike Hostilo has served countless clients across Georgia, providing legal advice and trusted representation when accident victims need it most. Call today to schedule a consultation – and put your personal injury claim in capable hands.

Mike Hostilo has practiced law in the state of Georgia for the past 25 years. Known as an intense negotiator, he has recovered millions in settlements for accident victims as a personal injury lawyer.

Mike graduated from the University of Georgia and then attended Atlanta Law School, working as many as three jobs simultaneously while completing his legal education. His diverse employment experiences have allowed him to view life from many perspectives – and to relate to a diverse array of clients.
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Chief Legal Officer and Director of Litigation
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Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

If you have been injured in a car crash or anywhere in between, our personal injury law firm can help. Let us handle your injury claim from start to finish, offering 24/7 support and trusted legal representation when you need it most. While you focus on your recovery, our injury attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve.
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Auto Accident Attorneys

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Truck Accident Lawyer

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A person is riding a motorcycle on a road, unaware of the potential need for a personal injury lawyer in case of an auto accident.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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Wrongful Death Lawyers

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        Description: A nurse is giving a patient a blood test after an auto accident, which may require the involvement of a personal injury attorney.

Burn Injuries Lawyer

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Boating Accident Lawyers

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Wondering if You Were Owed Money From Your Accident?

Are you unsure if you have a case or not? Even if the insurance companies tell you you don’t have a case, if we think that you do, we will fight to make sure you have medical attention and the compensation you deserve.

Our record of results is proof that we’ve fought and won cases that the insurance companies tried to dismiss. Fill out this two-minute form for a free case evaluation. 
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*"Contingent attorneys” "No fee unless you win or collect" and "You only pay us if we win your personal injury claim" fees refer only to those fees charged by attorneys for their legal services. Such fees are not permitted in all types of cases. Court costs and other additional expenses of legal action usually must be paid by the client.

Any result the lawyer or law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.

Mike Hostilo is not licensed to practice law in South Carolina.
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