6 Reasons Why You Should Wear Your Seat Belt | Car Crash Tips

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Using a seat belt reduces your risk of dying in a car accident by 45 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

More people are on the road since restaurants and stores have started to reopen. Keep in mind that since we have been quarantined due to COVID-19, many people are anxious to get back on the road and may not be as careful as they usually are. We have been in our homes for more than a month, which makes people antsier and, in some cases, less cautious.

The pandemic social distancing has been stressful and involved the entire country and your community. So, when you get in your car be more cautious, make sure you wear your seat belt, and your family members are wearing theirs and stay safe.

6 Seat Belt Facts

There is no doubt that seat belts save lives. The good news is that more people than ever are wearing them. The information below is from the (CDC) .

  1. Car accident deaths. Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of death in a car crash by about 45 percent.
  2. Serious injury. A seat belt decreases severe injuries during an accident by 50 percent.
  3. Passenger seat belts. Using a seat belt reduces passenger car deaths by 45 percent.
  4. Ejected out of a car. A seat belt prevents being ejected out of the car during an accident significantly. You are 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle during a crash when you don't wear a seat belt.
  5. Teenagers and people under 35. Car crashes are the leading cause of death in people under 34 years old. Research has found that people between the age of 18-34 are less likely to wear a seat belt.
  6. Cost of car accidents. Wearing your seat belt can save you money in a couple of ways. If a police officer catches you not wearing your seat belt, you can receive a hefty fine. Car accidents cost billions of dollars a year. Between medical bills, lost wages, and damages, the costs can add up, especially for the person responsible for the auto accident.

Don't Forget about Seat Belts for Dogs

Many people take their dogs with them on car trips. We take them to the park, to visit friends and family, restaurants and more. Keep in mind that your loving companion that you consider family can suffer severe injuries in a car accident. This is why it's so important to purchase and use a seat belt for your dog. There are few different types, such as a seat belt harness, adjustable dog seat belts, and more.

The best place for your dog is the back seat in a harness or dog seat belt. Many cars today have airbags, and the last thing you want is for an airbag to open on your dog. Airbags are powerful, and they can injure your pet. If you do have your pet in a harness in the front seat, make sure you turn the passenger airbag off. If you can't turn the airbag off, make sure you have your dog securely in the backseat.

As we get back on the road and move toward our new normal, remember that using your seat belt is more important than ever. Enjoy your restored freedom, and stay safe.

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