What You Should Know about Rideshare Car Accidents

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Find out what makes an Uber or Lyft car accident unique and the steps you need to take to get the compensation you deserve.

You have plans to go out to dinner with your friends. Instead of driving you decide to call a rideshare company because you will have a couple of drinks with dinner. 

You had a great meal and you’re on your way home when a car crashes right into your side of the car. You’re injured, and now you probably won’t be able to go to work for a few days. The bills will start to add up quickly, now what do you do? Who is considered at fault, and who will pay for the medical bills?

What is a Rideshare Company? 

A rideshare company is a drive to hire company that uses freelance drivers. The freelance drivers use their cars to drive you from one place to another. Rideshare is also known as a transportation network company and ride-hailing company service. Rideshare companies also include watercraft and aircraft companies. 

A smartphone app is used to connect you to the driver. Through the app, you can set up a rideshare, pay, rate the driver, and the driver rates you as a passenger. Uber and Lyft are rideshare companies.  

Who is Liable in a Rideshare Accident?

The person responsible for the accident is generally the one who is liable. Proving fault in an auto accident comes down to a few things (see below). 

  1. The person who caused the accident owed a duty of reasonable care. This may include obeying a traffic law such as speeding, going through a red light or stop sign, and more. 

  2. The person who caused the accident breached that duty of care.

  3. You were injured in the accident because the other person breached their duty of care. 

What Makes Rideshare Car Accidents More Complicated?

This type of claim can be a bit more complicated because you have more than two insurance companies involved. There is the rideshare company’s car insurance, the driver’s insurance, and the other drivers’ car insurance. If you were driving the other car, then your car insurance will be involved as well. 

Keep in mind that Uber and Lyft drivers are independent contractors, so in most cases the liability will fall onto the person responsible for the accident, and their insurance. There are other factors that go into these claims as well. This is why it’s vital to hire an experienced rideshare attorney who knows the ins and outs of a complicated legal claim like this. 

What to Do After a Rideshare Car Accident

Get the insurance information and contact information of everyone involved in the accident. Make sure there is a police report. The police should be the first phone call you make. They should be called to the scene so they can write an accurate report. They need to know if you’re injured and that you are going for medical care. 

Next, you should go to the hospital even if you don’t think you're injured. Many injuries show up a few days later, and it’s essential to start treatment as soon as possible if you’re injured. Make sure you follow medical treatment that is prescribed and go to all follow-up doctor appointments

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