6 Ways to Stay Safe this Summer

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Drowning is the leading cause of death in children from one to fourteen years of age, according to reports.

Summer is here and this year outdoor activities are more popular than ever. Most of us have been cooped up inside since the announcement of the COVID-19 social distancing last March. Many of us are excited to venture out on kayaks, boats in pools and at the beach. Many pools and beaches are now open, with a few restrictions in place for safety. 

As you go to the beach, have outdoor picnics, and spend the day out on a boat keep safety in mind. The last thing you want for you or a family member is an injury from an accident that could have been avoided. 

6 Ways to Stay Safe this Summer

  1. Water Accidents - accidents happen by and in swimming pools every summer.  Pools can be dangerous when swimmers young and old aren’t careful. Many water accidents happen due to carelessness like running by the pool, which can cause a broken bone due to a slip and fall accident. Drowning is the leading accidental death for all ages, according to reports. A child and even an adult should never swim in a pool alone. Many drownings take place because of slips and falls that result in falling into the pool unconscious without someone there to help.
  2. Water Toy Accidents-water toys are a lot of fun, but they can be dangerous as well. People in boats are supposed to be looking out for water toys, but even when they are looking, they can make the mistake of hitting someone and causing an accident. If you go out on a WaveRunner or any other water toy, make sure you’re staying in the designated area and watching out for boats. 
  3. Bicycle Accidents-during the warm weather months, many people get their bikes out for exercise and entertainment. Unfortunately, many bike accidents happen on the road during the day and especially at night. Make sure you know the rules of the road where you live and always watch out for traffic.
  4. Boating Accidents-many accidents can take place in or around a boat. If the driver of the boat isn’t paying attention to people in the water, a catastrophic accident could take place. 
  5. Summer heat-paying attention to the heat and staying hydrated is also essential, especially for young children and seniors. When the temperature is over 80, you need to be careful and make sure you drink water often. Many people suffer from heat stroke every summer because they don’t realize they are dehydrated. It’s also essential to make sure you have enough salt because you lose quite a bit of water and salt during the summer.  
  6. Car accidents-studies show that auto accidents happen more often during the summer months. More teenagers are on the road because school is out and they have less responsibilities. Studies show that teens are on the road during the summer 44 percent more than during the rest of the year. Teens are less experienced drivers, and many times they have a lot of distractions going on in the car. This is why it’s essential to be more careful on the road during the summer months. 

Summer is a time to relax and have a good time. Keep in mind, though, when you’re enjoying your time off to think about safety. When you’re driving, keep in mind that there are more new drivers on the road, and you should be cautious.

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