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Truck Accident

If you were hurt in a collision with a truck, 18-wheeler, or bus, The Mike Hostilo Law Firm will fight for your settlement.

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There are millions of trucks on the road every single day across the country, and even the slightest loss of control or distraction can result in significant damages and deadly outcomes. Those damages almost always affect the other vehicles involved.

Since state laws for truck accident claims differ, and many commercial trucks are subject to federal regulations, it’s crucial that you have a truck accident attorney who understands the complexity of these claims.

With The Mike Hostilo Law Firm, your truck accident attorney will go above and beyond to get you the compensation you deserve.

Who’s at fault in a truck accident? 

One of the many complexities of a truck accident case is that there can be many different parties involved or at fault, besides the drivers and their insurance companies.

With truck accidents, responsible parties can include: 

  • The truck owner

  • Manufacturer

  • Brake maker

  • Trucking company

  • Cargo owner

If you’ve been a victim of a truck accident, we’ll do everything in our power to get you the settlement you deserve from the party at fault. 

What to know if you’ve been in a truck accident.

After a truck accident, the first steps are crucial:

  • Get the name, address, and insurance provider of the parties involved in the accident.

  • Document the scene of the accident with photos and try to retrieve contact information from witnesses

  • Before you make a statement to the insurance company, be sure to consult your attorney

Every truck accident is unique. 

According to research from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) there are ten main factors involved in all truck accidents around the country:

  • Speed

  • Illegal drug use

  • Traffic congestion or existing accidents

  • Brake issues

  • Problems with the roadway

  • Driver unfamiliarity

  • Sudden, unexpected stops

  • Truck driver fatigue

  • OTC medications

  • Inadequate surveillance or monitoring tools

With so many variables and unique considerations in truck accident cases, it’s important to have a qualified lawyer on your side with the right processes, procedures, and experience to fight for your claim.

Let us examine your case, answer your questions, and then fight to get you the settlement you deserve. 

Our team understands the complicated nature of truck accidents and will figure out who’s at fault and what damages to seek for you.

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