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Common Causes of Distracted Driving

 car accident and distracted driving    distracted driving  

Find out what the most common driving distractions are and how to avoid them.

Texting and Driving: 9 Facts on Texting and Driving | Distracted Driving

 distracted driving    texting and driving  

Texting and driving causes 1 out of every four car accidents and over 300,000 injuries in the U.S.

The Dangers of Driving When Tired

 car accident    distracted driving    safety  

While adequate sleep is an important component of overall health, many Americans don’t get enough. Sleep deprivation and fatigue not only affect quality of life

Why Are Fatal Car Accidents on the Rise Nationwide?

 car accidents    distracted driving    seat belts  

With today’s vehicles equipped with a suite of safety and driver assist features, our roadways should be safer than ever.