How Much Will I Get If I Win My Georgia Truck Accident Case?

Truck accidents are typically more serious than typical car crashes, resulting in severe injuries and extensive vehicle damage.
Published:  May 13, 2023

A truck accident is typically more serious than a normal car crash, resulting in severe injuries and extensive vehicle damage.

Because multiple parties and contributing causes may be involved, it is impossible to determine how much your case is worth without first learning more about your unique situation.

To get started, schedule your free consultation with a Georgia truck accident lawyer near you – right here at the Mike Hostilo Law Firm!

How Much Can I Win In A Georgia Truck Accident Settlement?

Because no two truck accident claims are identical, our team takes a customized approach to each one. There is no standard formula for estimating the value of your case, but once we learn more about the extent of your injuries and property damage, our truck accident lawyers will have a better idea of the settlement you deserve. 

In most instances, truck accident cases settle for more than typical car accident cases. Commercial trucks often weigh up to 40 tons, so it is no surprise that collisions result in serious damage. The most dangerous Georgia truck accident cases may be worth millions of dollars, especially if injuries result in a permanent disability or keep you out of work.

8 Common Factors That Impact the Settlement 

When estimating the value of your truck accident settlement, our legal team considers these common factors:

  1. Cost of Medical Care 
  2. Truck Driver’s Role in the Accident
  3. Insurance Limits
  4. Lost Income
  5. Loss of a Normal Life 
  6. Pain and Suffering 
  7. Property Damage
  8. Violation of Truck Regulations

How to Maximize My Georgia Settlement

Because truck accidents can be very complex, you need a strong advocate on your side. A truck accident lawyer can help maximize the compensation you receive by handling every aspect of your case – including evidence collection and insurance company negotiations. 

If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, seek medical attention right away. Due to the statute of limitations, we recommend filing your truck accident claim as soon as possible – before it’s too late! Our team is here to help, so schedule your free initial consultation today! 

More Questions? Discover A Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer Near Me

To learn more about our approach or the five-star service we provide, feel free to get in touch! Our personal injury law firm is equipped to handle cases like yours, and we are proud to serve trucking accident victims in the following areas: 


Albany, GA

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Statesboro, GA 

Warner Robins, GA


Beaufort, SC 


Phenix City, AL

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