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Texting and driving causes 1 out of every four car accidents and over 300,000 injuries in the U.S.

You text your friends, boyfriend, and family regularly. You know how dangerous it is to text while driving, though, which is why you never do. Unfortunately, not everyone is as informed as you are and other people texting while driving is something you can’t control.  

So, recently you were on your way home from work, and as you were stopped at a red light, someone crashed into the back of your car. You were injured from the car accident, and you will need medical attention. You noticed the person in the other car had a phone in his hand and was texting. You’re in pain, and your vehicle is in pretty bad shape because the person in the other car decided to text and drive.       

The Dangers of Texting and Driving 

At this point, most people know that texting and driving are dangerous, yet many people continue to do it. Texting has become so popular it isn’t uncommon to see a five-year-old texting her 85-year-old grandmother. It is less common to see people in their 70’s and 80’s texting and driving, but it does happen. Most states have laws in place with consequences for those who decide to text and drive. 

Teen Texting and Driving 

Teenagers text and drive more than any other age group. They are new to driving, the rules, preventing accidents, and managing issues on the road. Studies show that teens know using their cell phone and social media apps while driving is dangerous, but they continue these behaviors.

When you add the distraction of texting to a new driver on the road, you are creating a disastrous situation. 

9 Facts about Texting and Driving 

The information below is from studies and the National Safety Council.     

  • Texting on the road-texting while driving makes a car crash 23 times more likely.

  • Driving distracted-when you text and drive your attention is taken off the road for a minimum of 5 seconds. If you’re driving 55 mph, that is as long as the length of a football field. 

  • Teens and texting-teenagers spend 10 percent of the time driving outside of their lane while texting 

  • Surfing the net-about, 19 percent of all drivers admit to surfing the Internet while driving. 

  • Texting deaths-every year, about 11 teenagers die in accidents caused by texting.

  • Texting accident-you are six times more likely to have a car accident while texting than if you were driving drunk. 

  • Cell Phone Use-using a cell phone while driving causes 1.6 million auto accidents a year.

  • Auto injuries-About 330,000 injuries are caused every year by car accidents caused by texting.

  • Causes of Accidents-About 1 out of every four car accidents in the United States is caused by texting

Keep in mind that texting and driving are dangerous, but using a cell phone in other ways can be just as dangerous. The main issue is that you are taking your eyes and your attention off the road. Many accidents take place when people use their GPS, check emails, or even make phone calls. 

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