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Delayed Pain After a Car Accident

People that manage to walk away from a car crash with only minor injuries should know just how lucky they are.

11/17/2021 0
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The Importance of Wearing a Seat Belt | Auto Accidents

The Mike Hostilo Law Firm wants to make sure that you are always wearing your seat belt when riding in a vehicle.

9/29/2021 0
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Risk of PTSD After a Car Accident

The Mike Hostilo Law Firm knows that anyone who has been in a major car accident faces the possibility of developing post-traumatic stress disorder.

8/23/2021 0
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Can I Sue My Doctor for Clinical Negligence or Malpractice?

Here at the Mike Hostilo Law Firm, we know that medical malpractice can take on many different forms, and no two cases are ever the same

6/22/2021 0
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Car Seat Safety | Can You Put a Baby in The Front Seat?

The Mike Hostilo Law Firm wants to make sure that your kids are as safe as possible while riding in the car.

5/24/2021 0
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5 Tips on Returning to Workplace After Injury

The Hostilo Law Firm knows the longer people are away from their place of employment, the more difficult it is for them to return to their responsibilities.

4/7/2021 0
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Dangers of Using Talcum Powder | Baby Powder

Johnson & Johnson removed its talc-based baby powder from the market May 19, 2020, after the FDA announced asbestos was found in the product.

6/4/2020 0
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AFFF Firefighting Foam Cancer Risk | Firefighting Foam Lawsuit

Allegedly, manufacturers of AFFF foam knew about the toxic chemicals and increased risk of cancer since the 1940’s.

5/13/2020 0