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Let Our Accident Attorneys Handle Your Personal Injury Claim.

In the aftermath of a car accident, there is no shortage of stress. With vehicle repairs and medical care to consider, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why it’s best to involve a trusted personal injury law firm as quickly as possible.

Our accident attorneys will get busy working on your case right away, freeing you to focus on your recovery – and resume your everyday life. Whenever you have questions or concerns, our team is here to offer helpful legal guidance.

The Mike Hostilo Law Firm diligently manages a wide variety of personal injury claims including car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, rideshare accidents, workplace accidents and more. Whenever an accident victim needs a trustworthy injury attorney, we’re just a phone call away!
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Personal Injury, Personal Legal Support

We know that enduring an accident is often one of the worst days of your life. That’s why our PI attorneys approach every accident claim on a personal level. This method ensures your legal claim is managed in the best interest of you personally as our client.

It’s how we believe every legal claim should be. Once you work with us, Mike and his personal injury team will do whatever it takes to help. We fight to get you the compensation you deserve and offer support in the form of the following:


For the convenience of clients seeking remote legal help, Mike Hostilo Law Firm offers that opportunity! Accident victims have the option for a remote sign-up and file your personal injury claim without having to be in our offices at all. So easy, let us begin today!



Our personal injury law firm uses high-grade, top-of-the-line technology to manage your accident claim. Being equipped with advanced tools like video conferencing and e-sign, we simplify the process. We are proactive in reducing risk and streamlining the accident injury claim process.


All MH offices are compliant with HIPAA, ensuring your confidential information is 100% secure. We understand that your personal information is just that – personal! And this is why your security is our top priority.


We are open 24/7 with helpful phone support. Whenever you like, you can update your personal injury claim or get general legal advice, simply give us a call at (844) 970-4937 anytime, anywhere!


We offer accident victims a resourceful tool. A Free Case Consultation Tool that can easily guide you through your injury case. This tool helps confirm our personal injury attorneys have all the details we need to win you the compensation you deserve.

Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

If you have been injured in a car crash or anywhere in between, our personal injury law firm can help. Let us handle your injury claim from start to finish, offering 24/7 support and trusted legal representation when you need it most. While you focus on your recovery, our injury attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve.
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Auto Accident Attorneys

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A blue semi truck driving down a country road, potentially posing risks for auto accidents and personal injuries.

Truck Accident Lawyer

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A person is riding a motorcycle on a road, unaware of the potential need for a personal injury lawyer in case of an auto accident.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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Wrongful Death Lawyers

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        Description: A nurse is giving a patient a blood test after an auto accident, which may require the involvement of a personal injury attorney.

Burn Injuries Lawyer

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Boating Accident Lawyers

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  • Very professional and friendly. Picking up my check was by far the best part of my experience. They had all my medical bills covered so I did not have to worry about anything. They even helped us before we reached out settlement pay out. I highly recommend them!!! We appreciate you.
    Gordan G.
    personal Injury Case
  • I appreciate the professionalism and promptness of the Hostilo staff with my issue. They made me really feel like family. Thank you to Mike Hostilo, Ricky Willis, and the rest of the staff!
    Ken C.
    personal Injury Case
  • This was our first time using this firm. They handled everything quickly and professionally and we had zero issues. They even helped us before we reached our settlement pay out. I highly recommend them!! We appreciate you.
    Heather G.
    personal Injury Case
  • Attorneys at Mike Hostilo Law Firm helped me out big time. I felt at ease during the whole process. Highly recommended, and today I got to meet Clever!
    Roland S.
    personal Injury Case
Any result the lawyer or law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.

Wondering if You Were Owed Money From Your Accident?

Are you unsure if you have a case or not? Even if the insurance companies tell you you don’t have a case, if we think that you do, we will fight to make sure you have medical attention and the compensation you deserve.

Our record of results is proof that we’ve fought and won cases that the insurance companies tried to dismiss. Fill out this two-minute form for a free case evaluation. 
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Any result the lawyer or law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.

Mike Hostilo is not licensed to practice law in South Carolina.
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